Webinar: Leave The Laptop at the Office with Confidence: Secure Mobile Productivity for 2016

Oct 01, 2015
Time: 2:00 pm est

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50 Minutes
Escalade IT

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You decided to leave the laptop at the office and old man Murphy snagged you as that important document needs to be revised and sent ASAP! The IT Security team says email is a big no-no and come to think of it, it's on a network folder anyways. Gartner Group 5 years in a row has recognized Accellion in the leaders quadrant for Secure Mobile Enterprise Productivity! Open the App, locate the network folder or SharePoint, make the required revisions and securely send or share within minutes. All within a fully secure infrastructure running transparently behind the scenes. Organizations from 2 people to 70,0000 employees use Accellion on-premise or cloud (Canada or U.S. clouds available) to make life easier and keep company data ultra secure while doing so. This webinar will look at the current challenges of securing mobile devices for the enterprise including looking at MDM, VPN, Email security, enabling anywhere-anytime access to info within the network and who the major players are.