Mobile Security & Collaboration

2014 is once again the year for tablets and smartphones as companies have "dabbled" with MDM for a year or two and are slowing trying to figure out if it works for them or not.

Escalade IT partners with industry leading vendors to provide solutions for:

- MDM - Mobile Device Management

- Secure Collaboration and Document and File Security On-The-Go

- Encrypted Email to the Mobile Device

- Secure (VPN-less) Access to Network Content (SharePoint, Windows File Shares, and more)

MDM solutions provide enterprise level management of mobile devices such that organizations can have some control over items such as:  remote configuration and provisioning, remote lock or delete, backup and restore, asset tracking, software installation and elements of security.

Secure Collaboration and Document and File Security solutions focus in on the data itself and how can an "on-the-go" user receive files and documents securely and be able to access secure collaboration workspaces and view, upload, download, revision, or comment on those files and documents.

Here is a sample of one of our solutions offerings for mobile security and collaboration.


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