Advanced Persistent Threats (APT's)

2014 and beyond are going to continue to threaten corporate landscapes by way of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT).  WikiPedia defines APT's as a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by human(s) targeting a specific entity. APT usually targets organizations and or nations for business or political motives. APT processes require high degree of covertness over a long period of time. As the name implies, APT consists of three major components/processes: advanced, persistent, and threat. The advanced process signifies sophisticated techniques using malware to exploit vulnerabilities in systems. The persistent process suggests that an external command and control is continuously monitoring and extracting data off a specific target. The threat process indicates human involvement in orchestrating the attack.

To simplify this definition, it is quite simply a new generation of malware that are more complex that most standard anti-virus engines can defend against.   While the industry leaders are working to evolve and defend these attacks there are a few key leaders in this area and Escalade IT proudly monitors and partners with these vendors. 

Here are a couple of videos to introduce you: