Perimeter Security-UTM

Every good defense in depth strategy begins with the perimeter.  The big questions today though is where is the perimeter and does it actually exist?   This is a discussion that we will not seek an answer for today because the simple answer is that the perimeter still exists but it is changing.  For many years now, the Jericho Forum ( ) has been evangelizing the idea they call “De-perimeterization”.  De-perimeterization discusses how boundary security solutions such as firewalls, network IPS, and other technologies will continue to be vital but that gradually every component will need to be independently secure.

In the Escalade IT solution area for Perimeter Security we focus on boundary protection and specifically the use of UTM – Unified Threat Management technologies.  UTM is the evolution of the firewall and provides an all-inclusive security perimeter device by combining functionality for:  network firewalling, network intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, VPN, content filtering and load balancing.  There are obvious benefits in using UTM with the primary benefit of having a single system to administer rather than many.