Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Tablets and smartphones are more powerful (and popular) than ever and with data transfer rates for mobile devices reaching very high speeds, mobile workers are demanding more connectivity and access to information.

Laptops are often being replaced with iPads, and other tablets but also present some very unique security challenges.  This is a completely new paradigm for security teams and MDM solutions are the dominant technology for getting these devices locked down for corporate use.

MDM solutions have actually been around for 7-10 years but have just hit the mainstream with the most recent explosion of tablets and smartphones and the corporate BYOD initiatives.

TechTarget defines MDM as:

Mobile device management (MDM) refers to any routine or tool intended to distribute applications, data and configuration settings to mobile communications devices, such as laptop computers, cell phones and PDAs. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of a mobile communications network, while minimizing cost and downtime.

Mobile device management allows administrators to oversee the operation of conventional cell phones, smart phones and similar devices as easily as is done with desktop computers.

The ideal mobile device management tool:

 •Is compatible with all common handheld device operating platforms and applications.

•Can function through multiple service providers.

•Can be implemented directly over the air, targeting specific devices as necessary.

•Can deploy next-generation hardware, operating platforms and applications quickly.

•Can add or remove devices from the system as necessary to ensure optimum network efficiency and security.


Escalade IT works with leading MDM vendors to provide integrated mobile security solutions for enterprises of all sizes across North America.

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