Remote Disk Deletion

Portability and on-the-go computing exploding with the emergence of smartphones and tablets and with this movement IT security teams are under increased pressure to ensure that all that data that is coming and going from the network is protected.

Tens of thousands of laptops are stolen each year from cars, airports and homes and although that may be a $2,000 piece of hardware it can carry millions (or even billions) of dollars worth of data. 

When securing portable computing devices we strongly recommend both disk encryption and remote disk deletion technologies.  What exactly does this mean?

It enables you as an adminstrator to change the status of an asset to "missing" or "stolen" and essentially remotely erase the entire hard disk and all the information on it.  If you can't recover the device at least ensure that the information is not going to be used by that party.  You shouldn't feel comforted in the fact that you have disk encryption as, although today's algorithms are extremely secure, they can be hacked if the prize is big enough and the interested parties spend enough time working on it.

We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you about your mobile computing environment and discuss your existing security measures and your goals for the next 18-24 months.