Hard Drive/Disk Encryption

Perhaps one of the most critical components of your data protection strategy is often the most overlooked.  Hard drive encryption, particularly on laptops and mobile devices is a key requirement for protecting your organizations data.  

Our current solution in this area provides protection for PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives.  Our solutions satisfy requirements under HITECH, HIPAA, PHIPA, PCI and various State Data Breach Laws.

Escalade IT currently offers a disk encryption management platform that incorporates:

  • hardware based full disk encryption (FDE) for self-encrypting hard drives (SED)
  • software based full disk encryption (FDE) for other mobile computing devices
  • file folder encryption (FFE) for specific files, shared folders, email attachments, CD’s and DVD
  • hardware based self-encrypting (SED) USB flash drives and software based removable media encryption (RME) for files and partitions on other USB drives
  • port and device control (PDC) to enforce device specific security policies and white-list allowable devices by user and group