Point DLP - Web URL Filtering

Web URL filtering is prevalent in most organizations today as it is very important to put some controls in place to ensure that certain types of website are not being accessed from corporate resources.  For some organizations it is about limiting inappropriate content and for others it is about conserving bandwidth, and for most it is about employee productivity.  Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and others can eat up valuable employee productivity and more and more today, employees are posting company data to these sites.  Another very new technology that is popular are collaboration tools like Dropbox and Box.net.  They are fantastic productivity tools but do not offer the enterprise any "paper trail" of what information is being posted where and who has had access to it.  For this purpose many organizations are blocking these popular services from use and implementing other technologies that provide the required audit and control.

** It is very important when considering your web URL filtering solution of choice to ensure that you are getting the benefits of anti-malware checking in addition to just URL filtering.  Most of the leading providers in the space today leverage very large cloud infrastructure to monitor website reputation.  Web reputation keeps track of those sites that have been mostly free of malware but also those that mostly have been troublesome for malware infections.

A popular attack method is to invite a user to a known good page but then have them redirect (without their knowledge) to a highly infected malware page.  In the case of web reputation, as soon as that redirection occured, the web reputation technology would close that connection and not allow the user to get to the bad page.

There is so much more to Web gateways today and we would be very happy to review your needs and discuss an appropriate solution.