Point DLP - Email Encryption

Perhaps the most common transport for information leaving an organization is email.  Everyone should know by now that an email is like a postcard.  Simply setup a sniffer and see for yourself.  You are sending millions of cleartext emails out into a global network (the internet) which can be pulled off by anyone and read.  Do you send your printed legal documents with just a stamp through the mail with no envelope?  I don't think so yet we do this day in and day out with email.

For many years, the idea of implementing email content scanning and encryption was prevented by encryption technologies that required the use of heavy PKI technologies and encryption key management.  Users were required to manage encryption keys and exchange with other users prior to communicating and then you always ran into the issue that different vendors implemented their keys technologies differently so you didn't have clean interoperability.

That was then and this is now!   The technology exists to have 100% transparent email encryption for your internal users. Imagine that a user could create an email as they do today and attach any required documents.  They put in the email addresses of the intended recipients and they click send but instead of it just going in cleartext and potentially violating your corporate security policy, there is an intelligent scanning engine reviewing that email and attachment before allowing it to leave the network (if you are unable to use email scanning then you can simply turn it off and implement email encryption as a user selected process).  If policy violations are found the message can be bounced back or more commonly can just be encrypted automatically and sent to the recipients.  No key management, no decisions, no change in behavior.

Of course you are able to give the power to the sender by either enabling a small button in their email client or implementing a "flag" term such as "Encrypt" or "Secret" to trigger the encryption process to occur.  Whatever your preferred deployment strategy, you will remove a HUGE risk area from your checklist.

The best part is that these solution are affordable and can be 100% run from the cloud if you prefer this to running on your site.  Additional options include having your entire anti-spam and anti-virus being done in the cloud also by industry leaders. 

This is one of the best security solutions available in the market today and a must have for corporations serious about security.  If you are not addressing email security, then you simply are missing the mark.  Contact us today for more information or to discuss a free trial.