Enterprise DLP

Enterprise DLP is a technology that deals with the classification of data within the corporate environment and controlling the use and transmission of that data through the implementation of data fingerprints.

Different vendors have different ways of "fingerprinting" the data but they work similarly in that there are typically three deployment strategies:

1)  Network based DLP

2)  Endpoint based DLP

3)  Network and Endpoint based DLP

DLP is a very overused and often misunderstood term in today's marketplace.  It can refer to any technology that is used to protect data from "leaking" from corporate assets.  This could be anything from email encryption, instant messaging, USB sticks, webmail, all the way up to the more traditional (Enterprise) DLP solutions which look at data classification and the restrictions of use of that data. 

In this particular area of our solution portfolio we are focused on traditional DLP. 

For traditional DLP to be implemented, a process of data classification must occur within a corporate environment which involves the review and "fingerprinting" of documents and files.  These "fingerprints" include information about what can be done with the data including restrictions around the ability to print, email, offload to USB or CD.  Both Endpoint and Network DLP are very strong IP protection strategies but will require a great deal of executive support as the project is not a small one.  There is a substantial investment in time and resources required to go through the process of data discovery, review, policy definition, data classification, rollout and user awareness and training.  There are thousands of organizations using enterprise DLP today and have successfully invested the time and resources to add some significant fortification to the protection of corporate data.

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