USB Encryption

A single $20 USB stick from the local Best Buy store and millions of dollars of corporate data can walk out the door in seconds.  Whether the data was stolen or if it is simply your trusted employee taking it with them and they misplace that USB key or it is stolen from them, the bottom line is this is a massive security risk with a relatively simple set of options to resolve.

There are perhaps many different ways to resolve the USB threat vector and Escalade IT provides solutions that support the following solution options:

Option # 1 - Prohibit the use of USB keys by policy

          Likely Result:   This will not be effective because "I've got to get my job done somehow."

Option # 2 - Lock down USB ports using I/O Control technologies

          Likely Result:  Somewhat effective but limits users ability to be efficient

Option # 3 - Utilize DLP solutions to control what types of data can be offloaded to USB

          Likely Result:  Effective but DLP solutions take some time and hand holding to configure and fine tune for ongoing use

Option # 4 - Mandate the use of centrally managed, company issued, encrypted USB keys

          Likely Result:  Very effective but more costly than other solutions

Option # 5 - Allow users to provide their own USB keys but enforce encryption of data being transferred to that device

           Likely Result:  Middle of the road solution that offers effective solution and high amounts of flexibility

Several of these technology based solutions provide rich functionality such as centralized management and reporting, full auditability on the data being transferred, remote disable and data wipe, and anti-virus checking on files.

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