SharePoint File Encryption

So if you are like most organizations today, you probably have started the rollout of SharePoint and most likely it is to support the internal requirement for document storage and sharing.  Taking the next step of opening it up to external users is a big one with a whole new set of challenges from a business and security standpoint.

SharePoint is a great technology for enabling internal users to post and share but what is a user to do when they need to send a large file to an external user.  The answer today is to save that file down to their local desktop and then email it (provided it is under the corporate email limit which is often 5MB or 10MB).  For all those users who wish to send a file over that size a user is left to their own devices to figure out whether they can get access to an FTP server (and how long that will take) or do they burn a CD or USB or print the document and send it overnight courier.  No matter what the option, there are significant monetary costs and time delays.  Even an overnight courier there and an overnight courier back is 2 days. 

Escalade IT provides solutions to enable your users to simply right click from directly within the SharePoint interface and Send Securely.  This technology will enable your users to send up to 30GB files with a simple right click to anyone in the world with an email address and have it received within seconds.   The files are not sent via your email server so you need not fear the overhead or size limits.

This is an outstanding solution for providing efficiency and security to your business and we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss it further with you.