Secure Collaboration

What is collaboration?

Collaboration can refer to any tool that enables multiple users to connect and share ideas or work.  This can range from simple tools like webconferencing and instant messaging to other sets of tools like Microsoft SharePoint and the myriad selection of file sharing tools and workspace tools.

What is mobile file sharing and collaboration?

Mobile devices such as iPad's, iPhone's, Blackberry's, other tablets and smartphones are becoming mainstream for business today.  Access to information is becoming the biggest challenge while maintaining security.   We offer a solution that enables secure collaboration across all platforms including mobile.

No matter what your preferred collaboration tools, the name of the game is convenience and ease of use.  But wait, where was security in there?  Oh no, not the dreaded security layer.....

Security does not have to be the added layer that drags the solution down into the abyss of being difficult to use.  By selecting the right security technologies, you wlll only marginally affect the user experience but provide exponential benefit to the organization for what these tools can be extended out to do for you as an organization.

Keep in mind that collaboration tools are meant to foster shared ideas and visions and help business move faster.  This does not have to be impeded by the security layer.

Escalade IT has been working with a number of vendors to put together a set of offerings to secure your collaboration tools to maximize their potential while minimizing the Compliance and IT Security teams stress.  We continue to monitor the marketplace for innovative and easy to use security solutions for collaboration.

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