DLP - Data Leakage Prevention

DLP is perhaps the second most over-used IT term (after cloud) and means many different things to different people. 

DLP  started out as a specific technology that classified (or fingerprinted) information within an organization and then used that fingerprint to enforce policy on how that information may be used or transmitted.  Within these controls would include the ability to enable or disable:  printing, emailing, offloading to USB, or sharing.  

Today’s more generic reference to DLP includes many technologies that simply enable some form of control over data “leaking” out of the organization.  As you can imagine this can include many technologies including:  web URL filtering, email encryption, content filtering solutions, USB encryption devices, etc. etc.

Escalade IT offers solutions in both the traditional Enterprise DLP protection and the Point Solution DLP protection.  In this particular Solution Area we focus on DLP Point Solutions.

Statistics and Facts on this area:

  • Nearly 245 million electronic records have been breached since January 2005 (privacyrights.org)
  • Insider data breaches cost companies an average of $6.6 million per breach in 2008, up from $6.3 million per breach in 2007 and $4.7 million in 2006 (Ponemon Institute)
  • Nearly 78% of data breaches come from authorized insiders of an organization (Ponemon Institute)
  • SC Magazine's fourth annual "Guarding Against a Data Breach" survey, which was conducted by SC Magazine and ArcSight showed that out of 468 IT security leaders, 36 percent expect their budgets for IT security projects and data leakage prevention to increase in 2011. 

Escalade IT currently offers the following technologies within the DLP solution area: