VMware Anti-Malware and Security

In the Virtual Server Anti-Malware solution area of this website we discussed the importance of revisiting your anti-malware solution when you decide to move from physical to virtual servers.  Traditional physical server anti-malware was not architected for the higher consolidation ratios of "shared" hardware in a virtualization architecture.  Newer anti-malware solutions that are designed and built to work in virtualized environment provides tremendous gains in performance.

VMware offers protection via vShield and has opened up API's such as VMsafe and EPSEC to enable third party security vendors to built solutions that offer tighter integration and additional benefits over traditional IDS and IPS technologies.

Escalade IT proudly partners with the industry leader in VMware security.  With integration into both VMsafe and EPSEC, our solutions are able to provide Agentless Anti-Virus for VMware servers.  Along with this, we are able to provide protection for some key risk areas that are not always considered when moving from physical to virtual servers:

1)  VM Sprawl - no longer does it take 6 weeks to order in hardware, harden the box, install software, test and rollout.  Now we are provisioning new VM's in seconds and what security precautions are you taking?  Do you VM admins even consult security before putting a new VM out there?  Our solutions ensure that all VM's are protected.

2)  vMotion - as you move VM's around using vMotion, are you taking careful consideration to ensure that the destination server is going to have suitable security protection for the application that is being transferred?  Is the VM server admin the person to be determining that?  Will they consult security team or will they simply do it because they can and it seems to make sense?  We provide security solutions that can provide protection to the application and follow it wherever it goes.

3)  Dormant VM Protection - as easily as provisioning new VM's it is also as easy to disable a VM and leave it dormant.  With so many reasons for putting a VM on standby in a dormant state you should also be concerned that when that VM does fire up, will it have the most recent anti-malware scans done against it and will it have received the latest patches and updates.  Escalade IT provides solutions that protect you in these areas.

4) Resource Contention - this is a complicated way of saying that traditional anti-malware solutions were not architected to work in high ratio virtual environments.  When these solutions fire up for their scheduled scan it takes a tremendous amount of resources and can affect your hardware planning and restrict the number of VM's you can run on a single server.  By looking at solution specifically architected for virtual environments (and in this case VMware) you will get an anti-malware engine that was purpose built for high performance in high ratio virtual environments.

Contact us today to ensure that you are protecting your VM environment in the most effective and efficient way.