System and Security Platform Management

With so many point solutions in our corporate environments today, there is a simple and strong business case to look at a unified management platform that automates and streamlines system and security management.  What does that mean?  Great question!

EscaladeIT partners with the industry leader in this marketplace to offer a solution purpose-built for the distributed enterprise.  Using a single infrastructure you are able to have real-time visibility and control of your enterprise assets including:  Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X and VMWare ESX.  Among the features for control of these assets would be:

- systems lifecycle management (asset discovery and inventory, software distribution, patch management, power management, software asset management, OS deployment)

- endpoint security protection ( anti-virus/anti-malware, web reputation service, network access control, endpoint firewall)

- security configuration and vulnerability management (asset discovery, security configuration management, vulnerabiility management, and patch management)

The solution provides visibility into all corporate assets, their current state, and all dynamic changes they may be experiencing. 

This is generally a larger distributed enterprise solution ranging from 2,500 to 250,000 users and is ideally suited for schools, hospitals, government agencies and most large businesses.  In many of our use cases, the power management feature alone provides the ROI for the purchase of the solution.  Contact us today to discuss this powerhouse solution.