Data Center, Virtualization & Cloud Security

This solution area covers off one of computing's hottest technology areas.  The data center and virtualization via VMware, Citrix and Microsoft is steamrolling through organizations as most are in the process of rolling out server virtualization and on the road to desktop virtualization.  Of course in both cases they rely on the data center for housing the infrastructure for these services.  

Protection of the data center is  protection of the crown jewels and billions of dollars are being invested in this area.  Cloud security of course can refer to that data center as a private cloud but again is one of the industry's biggest buzz words today.  Public cloud providers are offering very nice solutions from a usability standpoint but many do not have options for securing that data.  We have partnered with leading security firms to provide public cloud security solutions.

Statistics and Facts on this area:

  • 97% of Fortune 1000 companies have implemented some form of server virtualization
  • 94% of Global 500 companies have implemented some form of server virtualization
  • Power companies throughout Canada and the US currently offer green-rebates for organizations that implementation energy saving techniques such as virtualization into their data centers
  • 23% of installed applications are running in virtual environments in 2010 whereas that number will grow to 48% by 2012

Escalade IT currently offers the following technologies within the Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam solution area: