Mobile/Tablet File Sync & Collaboration

2012 has been the year of mobility with tablets and smartphones taking technology and access to information to the next level.

As part of your mobility strategy there is no doubt that you are looking at MDM solutions (mobile device management) as part of that security initiative to enable your users to access company information.

The missing part of that equation is how is the information (and the files) themselves get transmitted, stored and secured through this entire process. Solutions such as Dropbox,, Google Drive and others have introduced file synchronization to fully enable a mobile collaboration experience. However, many of these solutions have been designed primarily with convenience in mind and therefore lack some of the necessary security requirements. In addition, the majority of solutions are only available as a Cloud solution with all information stored in the U.S.

Escalade IT has been working in the Mobile Collaboration space for a number of years and has partnered with a market leader to bring an Enterprise class secure mobile collaboration solution to our customers across North America. Our preferred solution integrates with leading MDM solutions, offers both a Cloud and On-Premise deployments (Canadian and US clouds available) and has been deployed at thousands of organizations around the world.

With functionality like Dropbox for simple drag and drop to synchronize files across all devices, and native apps available for Blackberry, Android and Apple, this solution offers a fantastic solution that is ultra secure and easy to use.

For more information on our Secure Mobile Collaboration solution see our whitepapers and pre-recorded webinars to the right of this box or contact our sales team.