Email Encryption

Gone are the days of encryption key management and huge infrastructure rollouts.  Email encryption has been simplified with cloud based infrastructure and send-to-anyone encryption capabilities (all they need is an email address).  Imagine being able to send an encrypted email to anyone in the world with only their email address.  No encryption keys, exchanges, expirations etc.  Just compose and Send right in your Outlook or Notes client (there is a web based user interface also included for sending and receiving secure messages from anywhere in the world even when you’re on vacation).

Escalade IT provides email encryption solutions to enable your organization to enforce security policies but at the same time not hinder your users in any way.  Users can select encryption or not and organizations can employ email content recognition to ensure that confidential information is encrypted prior to leaving the organization.  Should an employee simply forget to encrypt or prematurely hit Send, the solution will look for confidential content and encrypt if necessary. 

We currently offer this solution as an on-premise solution or a fully cloud based model for organizations and individual users.   All user interfaces can be fully customized to your organizations branding guidelines.

Looking for a solution that can send very large files securely?  Escalade has a solution for sending virtually whatever size file you want to send (currently we have files as big as 100GB traversing our systems). See our Secure Large File transfer solution under our Data Protection Solution Area for more information.