Virtual Server Anti-Malware

How many of you actually changed your server anti-malware and security posture when you moved from physical to virtual servers?

The results are astoundingly low as many organizations who were quick to migrate to a virtual platform continue to treat them as physical servers from a security perspective.

During the 5 minutes it takes to provision new virtual servers, who is hardening the services, architecting the proper HIPS or NIPS protection, implementing the file integrity monitoring, and taking care of all the security considerations for the location and use of that server? It is no longer a 6 week process to order, configure, lockdown, deploy and test a new server so a new security solution is required.

Does your security move if you decide to move that virtual server to another physical host?

Is your security staying up to date if you leave a virtual server dormant for a period of time and then fire it up for use? Is your anti-malware scanning engine staying up to date?

Has your anti-malware solution been architected for high performance on virtual servers? The truth here is that traditional anti-malware solutions were architected to work 1:1 on a single physical appliance. This enabled plenty of horsepower to run scheduled scans at 3am. What happens now when you have 5, 10 or more virtual servers on a single hardware and those agents fire up at 3am to run scheduled scans?

Escalade IT has a solution for all of these concerns and we would love the opportunity to review it with you.