Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam

This solution area is one that is a requirement for all businesses that use the internet. Malware is a growing problem with industry leading vendors citing new malware hitting the internet every 1.5 seconds. 

Statistics show that malware is growing at an exponential rate and that hackers are no longer in it for fun.  Rather they most often represent organized crime and are looking for personal and corporate information in the form of intellectual property, credit card, and other personal information. 

As analysts and experts continue to agree that traditional reactive, pattern file based anti-virus will become less and less effective, Escalade IT has teamed up with industry leaders who have taken a fresh approach to Next Generation Anti-Malware leverages technology from the cloud .  In order to  provide the maximum effectiveness, Anti-malware should be layered into your organization, and should focus on blocking malware before it enters your environment rather than detecting it after it has already arrived.

Statistics and Facts on this area:

  • 85%-90% of all email traffic traversing the internet is spam
  • In a survey of local businesses in Canada, Trend Micro noted:  of 130 businesses: 100% of them had some type of active malware; 72% had evidence of botnets; 56% had data stealing malware (eg. keyloggers); and 42% had worms (self-propagating)
    • Only 20 percent of malware now comes in the form of file attachments. The majority comes from links to websites
  • Over 1.5 million new malware programs are published every month
  • Business IP addresses account for 25% of all malware infections (versus 75% from residential IP addresses)
  • The Conficker virus (or worm) was actually a scare tactic to cause panic leading to impulse buying of fake anti-virus programs that could earn a lot of money and infect more computers
  • Conficker is still infecting over 6 million computers

Escalade IT currently offers the following technologies within the Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam solution area: