Webinar Recording: Dropbox Technologies: A Discussion on the Security Challenges of Cloud Based File Sharing Tools

Escalade IT
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April 2012

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This is a recording of our March 29, 2012 webinar.  It is approx 40 minutes in length.

As users and organizations alike continue to make best efforts to leverage new technologies to improve the way they interact and collaborate with customers and partners, it is also very important to ensure that the risk is assessed on these tools with regards to privacy and security policies. An employees best intentions could easily end up as an national news story with significant brand and monetary consequences. This webinar will look at why organizations are increasingly becoming more concerned with the use of dropbox technologies and how to provide the organization a secure alternative.

Why Should You Care?

After several public security exposures, it is critical for IT security teams to understand the risks and challenges of public cloud dropboxes. The challenge of simply blocking these technologies occurs from the fact that the technology itself is very useful for users on a day to day basis. This webinar will discuss the security risks related to these technologies and offer alternatives for deploying a user friendly, secure, and cost effective solution to enable users to have similar functionality and keep security and compliance happy too. Key questions to address will be:

  • Can this technology tie into our mobile strategy? How?
  • Should we use the cloud or run this on-premise?
  • Will it integrate with our MDM strategy for mobile?
  • Can we maintain our security posture and keep compliance and IT Security happy?