Webinar Recording: Document & File Delivery 101: How to Overcome the Challenges Associated with FTP, Email Size Limits, Overnight Couriers and SharePoint

Escalade IT & Accellion
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September 2011
Escalade IT

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The Challenge of 27,000

There is a chronic problem in our day to day business and it has to do with the number 27,000.

For the average worker this represents the number of seconds in 7.5 working hours in the day and for many of us that spend more like 36,000 seconds a day trying to get everything done, there is the constant challenge of how to become more efficient while ensuring that we are not forgetting about security, confidentiality and privacy.

This webinar will look at one key area to assist in making your users more efficient by enabling them a very easy and secure method of sharing documents and file.  Wait, don't stop reading.  While this may not sound exciting please think about the number of minutes, hours, etc spent per week on the following:

- burning CD's and USB's and arranging for them to be shipped by courier overnight

- those annoying attachment file size limits on email

- the challenge of using FTP, if you can even find someone to set up an FTP account for you (and how long does that take)

- ensuring that your SharePoint instance is secure

- how do you secure your fax documents and scanned email documents today?

Escalade IT, along with Accellion, will take you through a discussion on some of the key areas affecting employee productivity and discuss a simple, cost effective secure solution for your enterprise.  This webinar demonstrates the Accellion solution and the end user experience in environments such as Outlook, SharePoint, Instant Messaging, and others.

This webinar-on-demand is 42 minutes in length.