Making Your Enterprise Mobile Ready

Date of Publication: 
April 2015

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Most enterprises today stand at a crossroads, tentatively exploring new directions and opportunities for mobile business and IT, but not quite ready to change course from trajectories established years ago. This hesitation—justified in part by the rapid pace of recent technological change—is evident in the day-to-day experience of workers. New technologies such as mobile computing are being “tacked on” to old IT infrastructure. Traditional workflows and operations are preserved with a few cosmetic changes, rather than being thoroughly reimagined and redesigned. Productivity is edging up, but real progress will only become possible when enterprises fully embrace new paradigms, rather than merely accommodating them. A mobile-first enterprise—an organization whose services and workflows treat worker mobility as a foundational assumption—stands to become dramatically more agile, efficient, and competitive. Recent advances in technology and design now make it possible for enterprises to embark on new directions in mobile IT and operations while taking full advantage of past investments in technologies such as enterprise content management systems and identity systems. The age of the mobile-first enterprise has arrived. Two technologies that do promise to reshape organizations and deliver strategic advantage are mobile computing and cloud services.