Lotus Domino Email Server Anti-Malware: ScanMail for Domino

Trend Micro
Date of Publication: 
March 2011

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Enterprises need powerful, multi-layered messaging security to protect workgroup collaboration environments like Lotus Domino from viruses, spyware, spam, phishing, and email-borne web threats. While gateway security stops the majority of incoming threats at the perimeter, the mail server is a crucial point for securing internal communications. Additionally, mail server security continues inspection of inbound and stored mail for diverse threats.

ScanMail offers leading malware protection for Lotus Domino environments. It scans email in real time for viruses and spyware within email attachments and databases. The comprehensive ScanMail Suite—powered by the Trend MicroTM Smart Protection NetworkTM—also stops the latest spam, phishing, and blended threats, while filtering content to prevent data theft and loss.

Designed as a native Lotus Domino server application, ScanMail Suite is optimized for high performance—including native 64-bit support—and ease of use. With ScanMail Suite, you can unlock the full power of Lotus Domino 8.5 and your 64-bit infrastructure for up-to-the-minute security in an easy-to-manage solution.