2013 Survey Results: Mobile Security Strategies

Information Security Media Group
Date of Publication: 
January 2014

Signs of mobile insecurity are everywhere.

From the growth of mobile malware globally to the long list of healthcare data breaches caused by lost or stolen unencrypted devices, we are inundated with messages about careless users, unsafe apps and opportunistic fraudsters.

And yet … we all are more attached than ever to our smart phones and tablets, and increasingly we are using these devices to conduct mission-critical work from remote locations.

So, who exactly is ensuring mobile security – and how?

This question is at the heart of this report, based on the new study Beyond BYOD: 2013 Mobile Security Strategies. This handbook offers an in-depth look at the broad gaps in organizations’ mobile security programs. It provides an analysis of the survey results, offering a reality check on the true state of mobile security.

This survey benefited from the guidance of several advisers, among them Malcolm Harkins, chief information security and privacy officer at Intel, and Elayne Starkey, CISO for the State of Delaware.