Secure Large File Transfer Cloud Service

Have you ever wondered how large files are being sent from your organization to your customers, partners, and suppliers today?  Are tools like Dropbox being used by your users for collaboration and mobile access to information?

Do you scramble to setup, manage, and take down FTP or s-FTP sites on demand for users?

Are you concerned that they are using free large file transfer services on the internet?  Where are those files being stored (in what country)?  Who has access to them?  Are they recorded in your mail system archive for compliance auditing?

Is your Fedex bill astronomical and filled with “document delivery” charges?

As tablet and smartphone use grows exponentially in 2012, security teams are scrambling to figure out how to enable these devices and ensure data is protected.  Solutions like MDM will help control the device itself and some of its behaviors but will come up short on protecting the data itself. 

2012 is the year of mobility and collaboration and so it is critical to understand when to block unsecure tools such as Dropbox and enable enterprise grade secure mobile collaboration tools.

Escalade IT can help you with world-class enterprise solutions that are available as an on-premise or cloud based service for organizations and individuals alike.  Whether you have automated processes that require the sending of large files securely or if you are simply enabling your users to work more efficiently, secure large file transfer is a money and time saver.

There is no need for encryption key management or exchange and users need nothing more than the recipients email address.  The service does not utilize the enterprise email server but does enable compliance reporting and archive.

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